We provide our clients with comprehensive accounting services, both in the Czech Republic and internationally.
Thanks to our membership in the international association of accountants and auditors and our many years of experience we will find out anything about taxes and accounting in any country in the world, we will facilitate bookkeeping as well as international taxation.

Would you like to know whether you are entitled to any tax breaks before you start building in the Czech Republic as a foreign investor? Do you know the Czech taxes? Do you think that a wasted investment is a tax-deductible cost? Do you want to know whether the costs of demolition of the existing building are used in the base for valuation of items/apartments in stock?
Do you have an idea what interest is associated with the financing of construction (development) and whether the interest is included in the base for valuation of items/apartments in stock, or how discounts provided affect the base for the calculation of VAT?
Do you know which interest is considered business expense and which is not?

We are prepared to answer all your questions!