Do you need reliable accounting services in the Czech Republic?

“Have you ever seen an Excel sheet in the size of a soccer field? I have. Every time I do IT service in an accounting firm. You would not believe how much data is produced by an accountant in one day. Fortunately it is just “data” for me; I only make sure it is where the accountants need it. I am glad to leave the decryption of this boring content to people who actually enjoy it and understand it!” (IT – network administrator and also client of Interexpert)

In Interexpert we understand the IT crowd! Our “tax people” work with programmers, webmasters, IT specialists on long-term basis.
We provide our clients with comprehensive accounting services, both in the Czech Republic and internationally.
Thanks to our membership in the international association of accountants and auditors and our many years of experience we will find out anything about taxes and accounting in any country in the world, we will facilitate bookkeeping as well as international taxation.

Are you planning a major investment in the infrastructure and are not sure what the requirements for depreciation are?
Are you not sure whether it is better for you to charge your clients an hourly rate or a fixed fee and whether you can account for fixed-fee IT services retrospectively?
Do you want to be sure that you pay the correct customs duties for technological components which are essential for your work, regardless of whether they originated in the U.S. or, for example, in China? Are you sure you know what the VAT implications in the Czech Republic are or whether you may import the particular goods from abroad at all?

We are prepared to answer all your questions!