číslaWe can now travel to the sea but also to work. This brings increased requirements for registration of employees with different status (EU status, third country status).

Do you need to register a foreign payer with the Czech Social Security Administration? Did you leave for Belgium on scholarship and don’t know where and whether you should pay the health insurance? Did you win a large contract and have colleagues from Romania helping you?

Engage us, we love the challenges of the labour market!

Payroll accounting

– Hiring and firing employees
– Registration and de-registrations with the respective health insurance company
– Preparation of the taxpayer’s statement for signature and the subsequent registration thereof

Upon departure of an employee, completion of his/her Personal Record or Pension Insurance (ELDP) and its submission to the Czech Social Security Administration and the employee, issuing the certificate of taxable income and the Details of employee leaving work (record of employment)

Monthly activities

– Receipt of information resources from the client in the form according to the client’s options (i.e., attendance kept in hardcopy or electronic form).
– Payroll administration for each employee.
– Administration of statements for individual health insurers and the Czech Social Security Administration – Submission of individual lists of payroll accounting in the scope according to the client’s request in printed or electronic form.

Quarterly activities

Calculation of payments for the statutory insurance (Kooperativa)

Annual activities

– Administration of Personal Income Tax Statement in respect of dependent activity and fringe benefits and Personal Income Tax Statement in respect of withholding income tax
– Administration of the annual personal income tax statement in respect of dependent activity
– Preparation of the Personal Records or Pension Insurance (ELDP) for all employees and their submission to the Czech Social Security Administration

Irregular activities

– Communication with all institutions involved in the employee payroll administration (the relevant Social Security Administration, health insurance companies, the relevant employment bureau and tax authority)
– Participation in the audits carried out by these institutions according to the client’s wishes