číslaEvery tax advisor will tell you on their website that it is your right not to pay taxes.

Every so-called tax haven promised British, German and French citizens that their untaxed income would be safe with them. But as soon as the British, German or French tax authority knocked on their door they supplied the data, and our friends in the EU hurried up to pay up their taxes. Does not even Kalousek have his CD?

No advisor from a tax haven will tell you that if you don’t find a tax-exempted title based on which you get your money back to your wallet no money is deposited safely. Everything must be therefore considered without emotions.

The savings on tax are also related to your overall strategy. Will you ever want to sell your company? Then you should pay attention to EBITDA. This strange acronym is a part of investment sharks’ jargon. You have certainly read that Kellner paid only for 4x EBITDA for Telefonica.

Come and discuss your strategy with us now, save on your taxes later.

Of course, we offer the following tax services:

– Preparation and submission of the tax return
– Value-added tax (VAT)
– Corporate income tax
– Personal income tax
– Road tax
– Inheritance and gift tax
– Property transfer tax
– Property tax
– VAT returns within the EU

The accounting expert will answer questions related to taxes and having impact on the correct accounting. If a tax issue requires assessment by a tax advisor or auditor the tax commentary will be prepared and provided in writing.

International taxation

– Application of international double taxation agreements
– Taxation of permanent establishments and affiliate branches
– Assessment of the tax implications of transactions in international environment