We are external auditors of the European Commission

INTEREXPERT is an audit and accounting firm that has performed a number of special audits in grant beneficiaries who had to comply with the conditions for reporting full indirect costs of the project (FULL COST models) within the audit of tax-deductible costs within the 6th European Community framework programme for science, research, demonstrations funded by the European Commission.

We perform statutory audits of municipalities, unions of municipalities, cities, technical colleges, private and public universities, public research institutions, non-profit organizations, foundations and companies. Verification by an independent auditor of Industrial Research and Development Programmes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Tandem, Impuls and TIP) external audits in the Operational Programmes Transport, Environment, Research and Development for Innovations, Human Resources and Employment.

We offer special audits (audits of grants/project audits) of Community programmes of the European Commission, regardless of whether they are distributed to individual beneficiaries directly by Brussels or institutions in the Czech Republic
– Feogra programmes
– Public Health programmes
– LIFE+ programmes
– Structural and cohesion funds
– European Social Fund – Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness
– 7th framework programme for research, technological development

External audits in Regional Operational Programmes (ROP South-West, ROP Moravia Silesia, IP Competitiveness). Audits of grants provided from the security research programme of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, audits of the full indirect cost methodology which was developed by an entity within the project of OP Research and Development for Innovations and is recorded in writing in the organization’s internal rules