číslaAn accountant is the cheapest and most reliable liquidator.

He does not ask too many questions, does everything quickly because the most beautiful thing an accountant wants to see is zero receivables and payables without the need to tax them subsequently.

He will recover all debts faster than a thousand lawyers and pay the payables strictly after having been granted the discount. The share in the liquidation balance will have to be taxed with 15% withholding tax but everyone will be glad to see the money you no longer expected.

– We will provide the liquidator
– We will publish the company’s entry into liquidation in the Commercial Bulletin
– We will file the tax return as of the date of entering liquidation
– We will prepare the corporate income tax return during liquidation
– We will draw up the company’s balance sheet
– We will obtain confirmation of no outstanding payments from the district social security administration and health insurance companies
– We will arrange for the tax authority’s approval of the liquidation
– We will facilitate archiving