Do you need reliable accounting services in the Czech Republic? Are you planning to transfer or expand your activities internationally, or are you already active abroad? For many years our tax advisors have been working with the Institute of Rationalization in Civil Engineering, and they are able to guide you safely through this complicated tax issue. We provide our clients with comprehensive accounting services, both in the Czech Republic and internationally. Thanks to our membership in the international association of accountants and auditors and our many years of experience we will find out anything about taxes and accounting in any country in the world, we will facilitate bookkeeping as well as international taxation. As soon as construction companies have resolved the issue of valuation of work in progress and the cost accounting to satisfy also managers a new challenge came up: “Reverse charge in VAT”! The Information of the General Financial Directorate issued in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office is available, effective from 31 August 2012. It addresses some of the issues of classification of construction works according to sections 41 through 43 of the CZ-CPA classification, in terms of the system of reverse charge in value-added tax in the construction industry. It deals with the questions whether the invoice will be within the scope of the reverse charge or whether VAT will be stated only at the output. We are prepared to solve all your problems!