In the Czech Republic we are number one in the market of audits of European and national grants and one of most sought accounting partners for recipients of grants from the Film Industry Support Program who need an audit!

We also provide our clients with comprehensive accounting services, both in the Czech Republic and internationally.
Thanks to our membership in the international association of accountants and auditors and our many years of experience we will find out anything about taxes and accounting in any country in the world, we will facilitate bookkeeping as well as international taxation.
Where necessary, we prepare reports for our clients also in the format of the International Financial Reporting Standards. Our auditors evaluate the clients and give them a very strong recommendation because the name of our company, our brand, is a reference in the Czech Republic and abroad!

Are you not sure that you did it correctly if the artist failed to prove his/her tax domicile and you reduced the compensation by the amount of the withholding tax? Are you not sure how to calculate revenues subject to Czech VAT and taxes in the Czech Republic if a foreign producer is making a film in the Czech Republic but has its money in a third country?

We are prepared to answer all your questions!